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Admission Procedures
To be considered for admission, all students must complete and/or submit the following:

         Applications may be picked up in the office, printed and sent in, or completed online.
      Steps to completing online application
         1. Make sure Adobe Reader is the default PDF viewer on your web browser. This can be found in                 your web browsers settings. 
             Instructions on how to set Adobe Reader as your default pdf viewer
             Click here to download the free Adobe Reader 
         2. Double click or download the application pdf 

         3. Once completed, hit submit.  

         4. A prompt box should appear with two submit options. Choose continue using default email                         application to send using the computers default email address. Once you have selected this                     option, minimize the screen and your email should be waiting with the application attached. Hit                 send. For the second option, choose webmail and follow the prompts to use your desired email. 

         5.  If done correctly, your application should show up in your sent folder of your email account.   
              Once the application is received, an invoice for registration will be emailed for payment.  
               After payment is received, the process is complete.  

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Immunization Compliance Form 
  • Copy of Transcript (Grades 7th-12th)

      Entering 3,4 & 5 year olds MUST be 3,4 or 5 years old by September 1 to enroll for
      K3, K4 & K5.  All children must be potty trained!
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