Sylva-Bay Academy
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Sylva-Bay Academy Raffle
This year’s raffle will be held on Thursday December 7, 2017, in the school gymnasium at half-time of the high school girl’s basketball game. You do not have to be present to win.

Each family will receive three (3) tickets to purchase or sell. The cost of each ticket is $100.00. The cost of the ticket may be split between several purchasers for a share of the proceeds – for example, two people may purchase a ticket for $50.00 each, four for $25.00 each, etc. It is important that each purchaser’s name be listed on the reverse of the ticket.

Tickets will be drawn and total cash prizes of $10,000.00 will be awarded in the following amounts: First ticket drawn will be awarded $100.00, the 2nd ticket $200.00, the 3rd ticket $300.00 and the 4th ticket $400.00, the 5th ticket $1,500.00, the 6th ticket $2,500.00 and the 7th ticket $5,000.00.  

Congratulations to the 2018 Raffle Winners

                        $    100.00   Chasity Windham 
                        $    200.00   Anthony Smith and Christy Smith   
                        $    300.00   Thomas Hillman & Mila Hillman     
                        $    400.00   Chip and Melissa Ward
                        $ 1,500.00   Glenwood and Cherish Cotten     
                        $ 2,500.00   Brandon Kirklan       
                        $ 5,000.00   Kristi Ables