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  • To introduce school as a worthwhile and pleasant experience for the child
  • To keep the child ever aware of God’s love and His purpose in our lives
  • To make the child appreciate his or her own abilities and encourage their desire for learning
  • To encourage the child to respect other people and himself or herself
  • To help each child learn to listen and follow directions
  • To teach the child to use his or her time productively, to make wise decisions, and to assume responsibility for his or her actions
  • To teach the social values of courtesy, sharing, and manners
  • To help the child learn to work both independently and cooperatively with others
  • To introduce the child to basic reading, math, writing, language, social studies, and science concepts
  • To offer creative and artistic experiences
  • To provide an atmosphere that will inspire each child to look forward to future years in school with happy anticipation and enthusiasm