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Steven Myers - 601-433-6601

Sally Myers - 601-433-6602

Dear Parents,

In order to build an all-around great school, we need your help.  The SBA Booster Club works tirelessly to help the school purchase items which you as parents would normally be billed for.  Items such as:

Improvements to the softball and football fields
Football helmets and shoulder pads
Certifications on football helmets to maintain safety compliance
Athletic uniforms
Maintenance on buildings
Maintenance on buses, to name a few-

We need you to work games this year.  This is a great way to meet other parents, get involved, and support our students. They love seeing you outside of the classroom!  We all want SBA to excel in Academics as well as Athletics.  With that said, each class will be assigned at least one night to work in the concession stand. Each SBA family is required to work when assigned.  If you can not work your assigned duty, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Thank you for your continued support and GO SAINTS!


Summer Hours