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Sylva-Bay Academy continues today because of its commitment to quality education. By providing a strong academic and extra-curricular program, SBA helps students to grow in knowledge and abilities. Since 1972, hundreds of students have walked out of our doors into the community, ready to face the challenges of higher education or gainful employment. Now, more than ever, a quality education is essential for our young people.

    Throughout its history, SBA has benefited from the generosity of school parents and grandparents, faculty, alumni, businesses, churches, and friends.  Gifts to SBA are used to enhance school life for Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary students and to improve grounds and facilities.    

    An investment in Sylva-Bay Academy is an investment in your child's future and the future of our community. Tomorrow's leaders are being schooled today, right here at SBA. There are many ways to show your support.  Any questions regarding ways to support for our school may be directed to the office or to our Board Members.  

   All donations to Sylva-Bay Academy are tax deductible.  

Thank you for your support!

SBA Legacy Brick

For those of you who are new supporters of Sylva-Bay Academy, we are proud to invite you to create a lasting impression and leave your mark in a way that will endure for years to come. This special bricked area in front of the new entrance surrounding the flag pole is a place to remember and honor our students, families, trustees, alumni and supporters.

Booster Sports Drink Donations

Saints Families,

The Booster Club works in several capacities to help student-athletes stay safe and healthy during all their sporting events.  One example is keeping our football equipment certified and up-to-date but another is providing sports drinks and water for our many athletic events.  If you feel led to donate to this cause, please donate via the below link.  All donations are appreciated!

Go Saints!

SBA Raffle

This year’s raffle will be held on Monday, December 12, 2022 , in the school gymnasium at before the high school girl’s basketball game. You do not have to be present to win.

Each family will receive three (3) tickets to purchase or sell. The cost of each ticket is $100.00. The cost of the ticket may be split between several purchasers for a share of the proceeds – for example, two people may purchase a ticket for $50.00 each, four for $25.00 each, etc. It is important that each purchaser’s name be listed on the reverse of the ticket.

Tickets will be drawn and total cash prizes of $10,000.00 will be awarded in the following amounts: First ticket drawn will be awarded $100.00, the 2nd ticket $200.00, the 3rd ticket $300.00 and the 4th ticket $400.00, the 5th ticket $1,500.00, the 6th ticket $2,500.00 and the 7th ticket $5,000.00.  

STEP Program

Staff and Teacher Enhancement Program (STEP) has been instituted to allow more people an opportunity to support Sylva-Bay Academy. Tuition is the main source of income for our facility, however, the increasing cost of operating the school, maintaining our facilities, and keeping faculty salaries in pace with the public sector exceeds tuition including annual increases.

We trust our parents, alumni, community leaders and local businesses feel that SBA will provide young men and women ready to accept their responsibilities in the community and the world. Your contribution will help Sylva-Bay Academy continue its effort to produce well-educated, responsible young men and women who are ready to meet all challenges outside our walls.

Step Support Levels
White / $100.00    
Blue / $250.00
Silver / $500.00
Saint / $1,000.00
Fleur De Lis / $2,500.00

Summer Hours