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Dear Parents,

We have had an exceptionally smooth start to the school year. I am grateful for your help and cooperation as we have gotten our students back into the swing of the school day.

I would like to address one area for the sake of student safety. As I have watched the afternoon pickup lines, I have been concerned about the process and manner of loading students into their vehicles. On several occasions I have witnessed students crossing in front of vehicles to get to their cars. This has happened in the front and back of school. Fortunately, there has not been an accident yet. But, I do not want to wait until an accident occurs before making some necessary adjustments to the pickup procedure.

Starting Monday, we will need all students picked up in the following manner:

K3, K4, K5 and 1st grade students need to be picked up behind the school in the right lane.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students need to be picked up behind the school in the left lane.

6th through 12th grade students need to be picked up in front of the school.

If picking up multiple students (siblings, friends, etc.), all students in that group should be picked up with the youngest student.

All pickups should be done from one of these three points. Do not park in the parking lot and wait for your children unless they are meeting with a teacher after school.

The goal is to eliminate students walking in front of or near moving vehicles and to load students in a more expedited manner. Your cooperation will greatly enhance the safety and efficiency of getting your children picked up at the end of the day.

I will have additional teachers on duty until this process is running smoothly. I understand that making these changes may take a few days of adjustment. We will all patiently work together to keep our students safe.


Jerel Wade, Headmaster

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