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Button-up Oxford Shirt:  

*Solid Color: White or blue 

*Long or short sleeve 

*White long sleeve turtleneck or white t-shirt underneath will be permitted 

*Must be embroidered with SBA logo 

Knit polo shirt: 

*Solid color: white, royal blue, or gray *Must have collar 

*Long or short sleeve 

*Girls cut are available in limited colors and a higher price 

*White t-shirt or turtleneck may be worn underneath 

All shirts, polo or oxford, must be purchased from Uniforms and Accessories of Meridian, Ms. and be embroidered with the SBA logo. Boys’ shirts must be tucked in pants. Pants must be belted if belt loops exist 


*Solid color: royal blue, gray or black *Must be worn with uniform shirt underneath *SBA letterman jackets are allowed 

SBA Only: 

*No clothing will be allowed bearing another private or public school’s logo or name 


*Solid color: royal blue, gray or black *Zipper front or pullover 

*Emblems, trademarks or logos no larger than 2 inches in size 

*Must be worn with uniform shirts underneath 


*Solid color: royal blue, gray or black *Cardigan, v-neck, crew-neck or scoop neck 

*Long sleeve or sleeveless *Vest and sweaters are to be worn over regulation shirt 

*Emblems, trademarks or logos no larger than 2 inches 


*Only Khaki or denim pants may be worn *Cuffed or un-cuffed, pleated or flat front 

*Capri pants (worn below the knee - girls only) 

*With or without elastic (see belt section) *No baggies, corduroys, yoga or sweatpants *Must be worn securely around the waist with a belt through all loops 

*Undergarments must be worn appropriately *No pants will be allowed with holes/rips/shreds in the fabric 


*Solid color: brown, black or white *If belt loops exist, a belt is mandatory 

*No visible emblems, trademarks or logos 

Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers: 

*Solid color: khaki, navy, black or plaid *Must be purchased from Uniform and Accessories of Meridian, Ms. 

*No wrap skirts or slits 

*Length must extend past fingertips 

*Boots may be worn with skorts or skirts 


*Solid color: black , white or navy

 *Must be worn as intended (not as pants) 

Walking Shorts: 

*Solid color: khaki, navy or black 

*Cuffed or uncuffed, pleated or flat front *With or without elastic (see belt section)

 *No denim or stretch fabric 

*No cargo pockets 

*Length must extend past fingertips 

*No gym/athletic shorts 


*Navy, white, brown, black, gray, royal blue or a combination of these colors 

*All shoelaces must be the same color as one of the colors of the shoes 

*All lace-up shoes must be laced and tied *No shower shoes 

*No house shoes 

*Heels - 2 inch maximum 

*No crocs or slides 

*Boots are allowed, pants cannot be tucked into boots 


*Solid color: white, royal blue or black


*Jewelry should not pose a safety hazard (i.e. no spiked jewelry, oversized chain, etc.) 

*Authorized jewelry items may not be replicas of weapons, contraband nor contain inappropriate language 

*Pierced Jewelry is limited to the ears (earrings for boys are not permitted) *Earrings no more than two inches long 

Hair Accessories: 

*Ribbons, barretts, headbands, ponytail holders and clips are acceptable for girls 

*No bandanas, caps, hats, do-rags, skull caps, cloth sweatbands, rubber headbands, headwraps 

*Toboggans may be worn outside only on cold days 

Please note: Any item of clothing that is a distraction (Based on the administrator’s discretion) will not be allowed 

SBA’s dress code outlines the only acceptable attire approved to be worn by students at SBA. Every component of the students attire should be appropriate in length and/ or size. Appropriate is defined as that which properly covers the body and which is in good taste. 

The Headmaster may allow some modifications to the dress code on designated days. 

Please note: All shirts must be purchased from Uniforms and Accessories of Meridian, Ms. and embroidered with the SBA logo. 

Uniform Supplier: 

Uniforms and Accessories 

404 22nd Avenue 

Meridian, MS 39301 / Password: sbasaints