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Dress and Grooming

Appropriate Dress 
The way a student dresses is just another way of showing his pride in his school and in himself. Sylva-Bay Academy would like to set a tradition of the students being known for their neat and appropriate dress, not only at school but also on any occasion. Students should look their best when they represent their school. 

Students must wear a shirt/top with a Sylva-Bay Academy identifying mark or logo each day. All Oxford or Polo shirts must be purchased from Uniforms and Accessories of Meridian, MS and be embroidered with the SBA logo. Shirts must be of the following: 
Button-Up Oxford Shirt 
● Solid color: white or blue 
● Long or short sleeve 
● White long sleeve turtleneck or white t-shirt underneath will be permitted ● Must have an SBA logo 
Polo Shirt 
● Solid color: white, royal blue or gray 
● Must have a collar 
● Long or short sleeve 
● Girls cut are allowed 
● White t-shirt or turtleneck may be worn underneath 
● Must have an SBA logo 
Sweatshirts (no hood) 
● May be worn over an approved collared shirt 
● Must have a SBA logo 
● Must be royal blue, gray or white 
● T-shirts and hoodies may only be worn on Fridays 
● Must be an approved SBA t-shirt or hoodie (bought or acquired through SBA)

● Only khaki or denim pants may be worn 
● Cuffed or uncuffed, pleated or flat front 
● Capri pants (worn below the knee-girls only) 
● With or without elastic 
● No baggie pants, corduroys, yoga, sweatpants, or athletic pants ● Must be worn securely around the waist 
● Undergarments must be worn appropriately 
● No pants will be allowed with holes/rips/shreds in the fabric 
Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers 
● Solid color: khaki, navy, black, or plaid 
● Plaid must be purchased from Uniform and Accessories of Meridian, MS ● No wrap skirts or slits 
● Length must extend past fingertips 
● Boots may be worn with skorts or skirts 
● Shorts may be cuffed or uncuffed 
● With or without elastic 
● No denim or stretch fabric 
● No cargo pockets 
● No gym or athletic shorts 
● Solid color: black, white, or navy 
● May be worn under skirts or jumpers only 

● Navy, white, brown, black, gray, royal blue or a combination of these colors ● All lace-up shoes must be laced and tied 
● No shower shoes, house shoes, Crocs or slides 
● Heels - 2 inch maximum 
● Boots are allowed. Boys’ pants cannot be tucked into boots
● Must be worn 
● Limited to solid colors: white, brown, tan, black, navy, or royal blue ● Ankle, crew, or knee high 
● Tights/hose for girls only 
● Solid color: white, royal blue, black 
● Solid color: brown, black, or white 
● No visible emblems, trademarks, or logos 
● A belt must be worn if belt loops are visible 
● Jewelry should not pose a safety hazard (i.e. no spiked jewelry, oversized chain, etc.) 
● Jewelry may not be replicas of weapons, or contraband, nor contain inappropriate language or symbols 
● Pierced jewelry is limited to the ears - girls only 
● Earrings no more than two inches long 
Hair Accessories 
● Ribbons, barretts, headbands, ponytail holders, and clips are acceptable for girls ● No bandanas, caps, hats, do-rags, skill caps, cloth sweatbands, rubber headbands, head wraps 
● Toboggans may be worn outside on cold days 
● Solid color: royal blue, gray, or black 
● Must be worn with an approved shirt underneath 
● SBA Letterman Jackets are allowed 
● Students are encouraged to remove jackets/coats once in the classroom
● Solid color: royal blue, gray, or black 
● Cardigan, v-neck, crew-neck, or scoop neck 
● Long sleeve or sleeveless 
● Vests and sweaters are to be worn over an approved collared shirt 
Students must be dressed appropriately during the entirety of the school day. Students will be allowed to wear approved practice attire during their practice period and on the field or court. Students who leave and return to campus must be dressed appropriately if entering any of the instructional areas. 
The spirit of the dress code policy must also be adhered to during all school functions, ball games, activities, banquets, etc. Any item of clothing that is a distraction, at the Headmaster’s discretion, will not be allowed. 
All clothing must be worn in the manner in which it is intended, properly fitted, of proper length and not be inappropriately revealing. Proper undergarments must be worn. No chain wallets. 
Any deviation from this dress code policy must be approved by the Headmaster ahead of time. Any “Uniform Free Day” or special dress-up day must be approved by the Headmaster and must follow the intent of the dress code so as to minimize distractions and promote positive school spirit. 

● All students should be clean, neat, and well-kept 
● Boys must be clean-shaven at all times 
● Boys’ hair should be neat, clean-cut, and groomed above the eyes, earlobes, and collar 
● Girls’ hair should be neat, clean, and well-groomed and of natural color. ● No body piercings allowed except for girls’ earlobes only 
● All visible tattoos must be covered at school and all functions. The Board and Headmaster understands that parents must approve tattoos for all students under the age of 18.

Uniform Supplier: 

Uniforms and Accessories 

404 22nd Avenue 

Meridian, MS 39301 / Password: sbasaints













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